Extension of grain silo Raiffeisenbank Parsberg-Velburg

Romberger planned and manufactured the extension of a grain silo plant for Raiffeisenbank Parsberg-Velburg eG in Parsberg.

  • Extension of the grain silo plant by 4x 262to and 4x 1200to = total capacity of 10.300to
  • Conveyor system receiving capacity: 150to/h
  • Conveyor system loading capacity: 150to/h

Services of Romberger:

  • Planning of the plant according to customer requirements
  • Complete delivery of the plant except for concrete and hall construction
  • Manufacturing and delivery of the complete conveying technology
  • Complete assembly of the entire plant
  • Electricity distribution incl. low voltage main distribution
  • Electrical installation with cabling
  • Control cabinet with PLC, plant communication via Profi and ASI bus
  • Operation of the complete plant via visualization system
  • Complete silo temperature monitoring with logging
  • Grain aeration and cooling