We are constantly offering interesting internships in the field of machine construction

Our internships are sought after by both primary and secondary school students to carry out their internships, as well as with students of colleges or universities to carry out their practical semester or internship.


We also like to support students who wish to work with us in the form of a semester, bachelor or master thesis.


We also offer interesting internships to students of other educational institutions (BFZ, VHS, etc.).


It is an advantage if you have already clarified the necessary questions of liability and accident insurance with your internship position / office at your educational institution before applying.


If you are interested in an Internship or have further questions, please contact:


Josef Romberger Maschinenfabrik GmbH

Dipl. Ing. Univ. Alexander J. Putz

Trifterner Str. 54

84371 Anzenkirchen

Tel: 08562 20832

Fax: 08562 20811

E-Mail: karriere@romberger.de