Continous Shredder

Processing biomass

with the Romberger Shredder DLZ


  • All substrates are continuously processed
  • The Romberger DLZ is always filled steadily
  • There is no need for constant switching on and off of the upstream dosing and conveyor system
  • With the Romberger DLZ you can shred all solid feedstocks to 100%. Manure, straw, corn silage, grass, sudangras, GPS, potatoes, sugar beet, all vegetable waste, grain maize, new substrates, etc.
  • Complex batch operations and peak current loads can be avoided with the Romberger DLZ
  • There are no complicated conversions of the existing system needed
  • The Romberger DLZ has an output of approx. 12to/h with corn silage at 55KW
  • The Romberger DLZ is absolutely immune to impurity and contaminants. What can not be crushed is ejected

More information in our info sheet:


  • The constant and steady filling and emptying allows a trouble-free and low in wear plant operation
  • Fast rotating impact elements fray the biomass in a few seconds
  • Due to the special design of the Romberger DLZ the operation can be carried out continuously 
  • The crushing degree can be changed by the number of impact elements

The rapidly rotating shredding elements in the machine break up the cell structure of the biomass in seconds, thus creating a homogeneous substrate with a large surface. The Romberger DLZ frays the various input materials instead of cutting them. This increases the surface area of ​​the biomass and provides more attack surface for bacteria, allowing for faster and more efficient decomposition. The frayed substrate has a much better swimming behavior in the fermenter due to the higher fine fraction. This makes it easier to stir. The short structure thereby improves the stirring and pumping behavior.


Use of previously unused substrates:

Another important aspect that has so far received little attention is, in addition to increasing the yield of biogas through the pulping process, the Romberger DLZ generates the possibility of using materials that are currently difficult or not biogas capable, such as manure, grass, straw, landscaping or biowaste. Also new crops can be introduced and are safely controlled by the Romberger DLZ.