Honoring retired and long-time employees at the Christmas party

Also this year we honored our retired and long-time employees of the last years at the Christmas party, as we could only hold a Christmas party again this year due to Corona.
A total of 9 employees have retired in the last 3 years. In total, these employees have worked with us for 390 years, an average of 43 years per employee! This shows once again that the Romberger company is a long-term employer where you can endure from training to retirement!

Thank you very much for your many years of service and the excellent cooperation! Without you, Romberger would not be what it is today!

Günther Edlbauer, sales/project management, 31 years
Karl Surner, warehouse, 50 years
Klaus Hageneder, production, 44 years
Georg Venus, workshop management, 47 years
Manfred Eichinger, production, 48 years
Johann Bimesmeier, production, 37 years
Wolfgang Birnkammerer, assembler, 49 years
Franz Gaisbauer, production, 42 years
Franz Marchner, construction, 42 years

This year we also had the pleasure to honor the employees who celebrate an anniversary with us. These employees have been with us for many years now and perform excellently!

In total, we were able to honor employees with 160 years this year for their many years of service, with many more years to come here.

Many thanks and here's to many more successful years of cooperation,

Martin Fürstberger, warehouse, 40 years
Wolfgang Reger, production, 40 years
Alexander Putz, plant management, 25 years
Michael Romberger, Purchasing, 25 years
Michael Maier, warehouse, 10 years
Daniel Bauer, Production, 10 years
Tobias Marchner, Construction, 10 years