Largest project in the company's history

In September, Romberger secured the order for the construction of a grain storage hall with drying facility for Raiffeisenbank Neumarkt St. Veit - Reischach e.G..

This storage hall has a total storage volume of 15,000t, of which 2,800t can be stored in rectangular silos near the machine house and 12,200t in a flat silo on both sides of the machine house.

The plant has a two-way intake with 150t/h each, as well as a cleaning capacity of 2x150t/h and also a loading capacity of 2x150t/h. Simultaneous drying operation is also possible, as well as storage and retrieval in the silo cells and the flat storage boxes.

A Romberger continuous dryer for drying grain is also part of the order volume. By removing the moisture, this ensures that the grain is preserved for longer.

This project will be realized from now until the end of 2023.

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